Fit For Social is a leading provider of learning and information on all aspects of social media and internet marketing strategy, process and practice in Australia.

It’s a one-stop shop for businesses and individuals to learn how to find success in social media and use the tools and platforms available in the right way to deliver the best results and achieve their business objectives. Find more details here.

Fit For Social is led by Ian Mountford who is a Social Media Strategy Expert, Speaker, Trainer and Coach, helping your business reach its goals online using Social Media Marketing.

Ian Mountford Fit For Social

Ian has been successfully marketing online since 2008. He has delivered consultancy services to clients in a diverse range of sectors including retail, not for profit and professional services and he is a practitioner on social media every day, using all of the tools available to deliver content to his audience through video, audio and written posts on his blog, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Soundcloud, Anchor, LinkedIn and Snapchat.

He’s gaining attention in Australia by bringing a fresh approach and some new thinking. He has introduced his ‘Hypervertical Thesis‘ approach to content strategy in 2017 and is a regular speaker on personal branding for professionals online, how to get better results from social media and the use of video and audio to gain more attention and build greater engagement with your audience.

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